Covered Factors

The Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey at offers customers the opportunity to enter contests to thank them for their valuable feedback. This gives customers the opportunity to win a grand prize of up to $ 3,000 that can be redeemed with or without a purchase.


WalgreensListens has introduced several conditions specifically for research. However, once the search is complete, these terms and conditions no longer apply. This survey gives the company real feedback on the customer experience, giving it the opportunity to improve its products and services, as well as the customer shopping experience.

The survey is conducted in phases during which, once the ideal number of participants is reached, the survey is completed and suggestions are analyzed and implemented. All rights belong to the company and all plans and offer available in stores and supermarkets are always accessible. The results will be published once the investigation is complete.

 Factors Covered at WalgreensListens

Some of the key factors that were addressed in the WalgreensListens survey include the following:

  • Your experience on your last visit to the Walgreens store.
  • What did you buy at the Walgreen store?
  • Are you satisfied with the behavior of the Walgreens team?
  • Overall satisfaction with the products you have purchased, etc.
  • Would you recommend a visit to Walgreens to your friends and family?
  • Walgreens lists the winners of this survey on the official website.


Each potential winner will be notified by email, phone, or mail. If the user is not available, the rewards will be transferred to another lucky winner. Therefore, you must enter your valid contact and work details in the official survey.

Participants can enter the sweepstakes by completing this survey. Only one lucky person would have a chance to win a cash prize of around $ 3,000 here.

WalgreensListen’s research ensured that Walgreens can function exactly according to customer needs and expectations. So don’t waste a minute before visiting and giving your honest opinion on the WalgreensListens survey.